I *heart* Bombay (and well..Boston)

I'm urban..in the way other people are mountain-people or tunafish junkies. I love city life...something about dreary concrete blocks and grumpy people totally gets my juices flowing. Ergo, this will be a blog about me, my two favourite cities (Bombay and Boston), my addiction to Vietnamese coffee and my views on Gregorian chant and it's efficacy in curing some types of tympannic membrane rupture. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I resolve in 2008..

1. To save up and buy myself a big screen TV. I'm sick of coming home to a silent house. Creepy sometimes.

2. To take a long holiday and not care about accruing vacation time and requests for permission to go and filling up 500 forms before I get a day off.

3. To cook my special spinach lasagna at home without ricotta, fontana or good cream cheese. It's going to be a challenge, but if I master it, I know I'll be super-fat by the end of the year.

4. To gain 10 kgs. And not only on the stomach (I don't need to make a resolution for that unhappy occurence to happen!)

5. To visit Kerala and stay at one of those Ayurvedic spas. I've been pushing off this trip forever and I think I sure could use an oil massage about now.

6. To get a tattoo. Ganesha on my hip. It was supposed to be on my arm, but since I'm resigned to the fact I will never ever have biceps, and will be hippy forever, it's hip-time.

7. To have a well-stocked bar. Needless to say a martini shaker needs to be bought. As do several bottles of Grey Goose.

8. To write more often. Currently it's a letter a month. I plan to move it to a weekly schedule.

9. To shop for fewer clothes and books and for more furniture.

10. To find a boyfriend. Been single too long and the world is passing me by. I don't care about the "You'll find one when you're not looking" cause then they all think you're not interested!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas all!

And a very happy new year too!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The year in review

1) Where did you begin 2007?
At Sanju and Shweta's drinking wine and entertaining my cousins.

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
Single as ever (but with a glimmer of romantic interest in the picture)

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
Hell, no!

4) How did you earn your money?
The old-fashioned way (flat on back, legs in air...kidding!). Changed jobs and cities this year.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
Thankfully not even for a kindly visit.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
A Hoysala cop winked at me once. Does that count?

7) Where did you go on vacation?
Coorg every weekend I could manage. Bombay for anything longer than just a couple of days.

8) What did you purchase that was over Rs. 20000?
My bed. The one who lies upon ut every night is considerably "under" Rs. 20000.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
Yeah, couple of close friends.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
Not this year. Remarkably healthy year for the near and dear ones I guess.

12) Did you move anywhere?
Yes, to Bangalore from Bombay.

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
Aerosmith, Alan Parson's Project

15) Are you registered to vote?
In Bombay, absolutely! In Bangalore, no :-(

16) Who did you want to win American Idol?
Sanjaya, I think I have a thing for gay Indian guys.

17) Where do you live now?

18) Describe your birthday.
Turned 30, had a blast at the Shack with my closest friends. Pity date too!

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2007?
Stay resolutely single.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Watching my friends have their babies and seeing how happy they were.

21) What's something you learned?
The Intel compliance rules for all adverts. Yes, my life is that boring.

22.) Any new additions to your family?
My super-awesome brother-in-law.

23.) What was your best month?

24.) What music will you remember 2007 by?
My addiction to Elissa this whole year means it's been all about Lebanese music.

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
Sanju in Bombay and Nandini in Bangalore.

26) Made new friends?
I thought I did. I might be wrong.

27) Best new friend?
Nope, the ones I've had from the past are still tried and true.

28) Favorite Night out?
Still my 30th birthday at Hawaiian Shack. So much fun.