I *heart* Bombay (and well..Boston)

I'm urban..in the way other people are mountain-people or tunafish junkies. I love city life...something about dreary concrete blocks and grumpy people totally gets my juices flowing. Ergo, this will be a blog about me, my two favourite cities (Bombay and Boston), my addiction to Vietnamese coffee and my views on Gregorian chant and it's efficacy in curing some types of tympannic membrane rupture. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Weird huh?

I'm in Bangalore...came here for a funeral, stayed to interview for a job, perhaps plan a future.

Suddenly, I'm not sure if this is where I want to be. The cocoon that familiar surroundings and people encased me in these last 2 years seems hard to let go off. The future that seemed reachable just yesterday seems just that far away again. The sacrifices and changes called for seem just .... not fair somehow.

One spends a lifetime being the person one is today and yet, there's always something lacking. Some will make that change, some will say it's just something to get used to. Who am I? The first person or the second?

The job I just *might* get tomorrow, the fact I just *might* be moving here in 2 weeks somehow doesn't hold that excitement for me anymore.

Why do decisions have to be made? Why do people make decisions without considering how it makes someone else feel?

If I'm rambling, it's probably cause it's 1 am here in Bangalore and I'm sitting under my mango tree here on the terrace of our house (stealing my neighbor's wi-fi connection) and debating what I need to do and generally being all over the place with my feelings.

Wasn't growing up supposed to make everything feel better?