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I'm urban..in the way other people are mountain-people or tunafish junkies. I love city life...something about dreary concrete blocks and grumpy people totally gets my juices flowing. Ergo, this will be a blog about me, my two favourite cities (Bombay and Boston), my addiction to Vietnamese coffee and my views on Gregorian chant and it's efficacy in curing some types of tympannic membrane rupture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stop thinking about it!

The Archster said something to me while we chatted last evening. Stop thinking about stuff so much. Just let things be/happen and they turn out for the best usually. Meenakshi (my conscience/my arbiter of style/my fellow Bandraite-Bostonian) also concured. This leads me to believe that I tend to over-analyze situations. And wonder what someone meant when they said that...or whether they actually meant to say this instead.

Also Ruchi's mania for wanting lists of stuff has gotten to me. As M. pointed out during our relationship, I tended to have a list for almost everything in my life. So why not one more I ask?

Here's a list of the things I'm obsessing about this week. It's all true. I'm just *that* weird.

1. Television issues: Being outside the US now, I can't keep up with my favourite shows. Instead I'm forced to watch Season 1 all over again here in India. All this while newer and more awesome shows that I'll never watch are premiering over in the States...(Rome on HBO! Martha-The Apprentice) I'm even missing out on older shows..I swear! If I have to watch Will And Grace Season 4 again, I will kill someone at Zee Cafe! (*obsessing about last episode of Friends and current season of Will & Grace)

2. Apartment issues: Just where does a poor but incredibly attractive gay man find an apartment of his own for 6000 Rs a month? All those who said Andheri (E), to the back of the class please. I have so much crap still sitting in a storage facility in Boston...I swear, if I ever got a place to live in, it'd be the best looking/decorated place in Bombay...the envy of all who spend the night in my bed.

3. Pimples: I'm 28. I stopped going through puberty 13 years ago. Why Oh Why do I still get pimples/zits? I have three pimples on my cheek and forehead and they're getting to that stage where squishing them is going to be sooooo incredibly satisfying....(I know what I'm gonna be doing tonight!). But still, How yucky is this weather/pollution if people like me who wash ALL the time can still retain enough oil in their glands to reap a fine crop of zits?
I mean, President Bush is thinking of invading my face just for the vast resevoirs of oil that seem to belong there!

4. Will he call?: He called. Obsession over. Me happy. Me also smiling so much that I is incapable of forming grammatically correct sentence.

5. Nothing to wear: An entire Godrej cupboard full of stuff (Yes American friends, we middle class Bombayites don't have closets) and I still can't find anything to wear. Amma threatens to chuck the whole lot out to some tsunami victim (A Nagapattinam fisherman wearing Dolce Gabbana? Quelle horreur!!)...
I still haven't found a decent pair of black shoes and flat front trousers. The trials and tribulations of being TheHotVikster!

6. To shave or not to shave: Women find the unshaven look hot (Thank you Abhishek Bachchan). Men don't care (Seriously, once you're naked, it's all just academic anyway!). I'm obssessing whether to compromise and do the hipster goatee thing...but I always misjudge and end up looking like a Mullah. If you knew your average Konkani family, a Mullah-look is not going to make you many friends. What to do???

So many issues, it's a mystery how I manage to keep my shit together. Oh yeah, talking about it to the assorted women in my life helps..(Thank you Meenakshi, Archster, M., J., A.). The mendon't get it. I must be one of the only men I know who analyzes stuff to death. Anyone else who does...email me. We'll obssess over our emails to each other together (Now why did he use that font? And is he really "LOL"ing? I think that emoticon was just to impress me..)

Current Music:
Just Chill Chill - Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya

(I HATE this song. I LOVE this song.)


  • At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, you have a great blog here!
    I have a tea cart site/blog. It pretty much covers tea cart related stuff.

    Come and check it out if you get time :-)

  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Archster said…

    Yaaaay. I got linked.

    I was nodding my head in agreement to most of what you said. Laughing out loud as well :)

    I wash my face obsessively i tell ya, and i still have issues with zits. In particualr, an exceptionally large one at the tip of my chin that makes me look deformed. Im starting to resemble Jay Leno now.

  • At 3:25 AM, Blogger Satya said…

    arre man i overanalyse all tha time
    and then morph everything into negativity .. sux na ...

    and i say go with the goatee
    a la brad pitt it's there from one angle it isnt from another...

  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger Satya said…

    hey sorry abt that guy man ..
    it sux... i know..
    (i am talking abt the comment u left)

    love ur blog... especially the bandra/bombay stuff u write..
    if i remember i even copied some stuff from ur blog and eamiled it to lotsa ppl ...

    shine on ;)


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