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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Francoise Hardy - You go girl!

Le jour où je n'aurais plus du tout
L'âme en peine
Le jour où moi aussi
J'aurais quelqu'un qui m'aime

Snippets from the song "Tous les garcons et le filles" by Francoise Hardy...a singer who's looks, act, song lyrics and song styling seem to be very much like my own. Well, other than the fact she's in her 50's now anyway...

I started listening to her ever since I heard that awesome song "Comment te dire adieu?" after a particularly nasty breakup (It now occupies pride-of-place in my "Wallowing in self-inflicted sorrow CD). I then found out that Comment te dire adieu? was recorded in Swedish by Anni-Frid before her ABBA days as "Så synd du måste gå".

I mean..any song that has words like "derriere un Kleenex, je souris mieux " has got to make getting through a break-up that much more exquisitely painful. Serge Gainsbourg (the lyricist) seems to have this knack for making even the simplest words sound so bleak and cynical. In colaboration with Francoise (one of the first yeh-yeh girls to write as well as sing), he came up with such awesome songs (Check out the Vogue years..simply my favourite). Francoise was a Vogue supermodel before she started to sing and that 60's bouffant along with the tiny tiny mini-skirts she wore and that soft voice (with the usual French orchestration in the background) made her a superstar in Europe in the 60's. However, she was petrified of singing on stage so she never toured or sang in public...in a way I suppose, this went to creating the mystique that was her. Her catchphrase "je chante, donc je suis.." remains my favourite (Well, I plan on using that as mine once I wear my bouffant and sing French pop)

In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and everything that I imagine the 60's woman to be. Scroll down for some awesome pictures of her..
J'adore Francoise Hardy!

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Tous les garcons et les filles - Francoise Hardy


  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger pico said…

    I loved that cd!! I remember listening to it in Boston.. how can I listen to the songs? Do you have the cd? can you mail me the link?... pretty please:)

  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Geetanjali said…

    Je viens de commencer ecouter les chansons francais, quoique je sois une etudiante de francais depuis 3 ans. Je vais chercher pour Francoise Hardy dans la bibliotheque de L'Alliance Francaise...

    Votre blog est assez interessant - je suis y venue parceque mon cher ami Kunaal m'a dit que vous aussi avez un Blog. Beaucoup d'attitude ici. Je vais rentrer afin de lire plus...


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