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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of Kaala Chashmas and Angel Eyes

It's a crime just how much I'm loving the assorted Punjabi music coming out of the UK...(Balle-shit as my cousin calls it).

Ever since a shopkeeper at Jackson Heights, NYC sold me a few CDs ("Sirji, this is latesht hottesht stuph cumming outta Englaynde".. amazing how you can take the Punjabi outta Punjab, but not the Punjab outta Punjabi..), I've been dancing to the tunes of Juggy-D and Raghav and Punjabi MC (IN DA HOUSE!)..

Though this is how I differentiate myself from the Balle-Balle masses, I can't seem to, for the life of me, get the whole shoulder thing going during the dance. It must be something in the Punjabi Butter Chicken that we (fish-curry/rice Konkanis) don't get...I mean, I have 60 year old saggy-titted auntiejis who can dance the bhangra better than me. That hurts.

So I guess I'll have to stick to the ghetto ho' dance that I seem to have perfected (and that 50 cent's leggy beauties seem to have copied from me!). Which brings me to a new crime I'm guilty of... absolute love for 50 cent's Candyshop. How f'ing awesome is it ?!?

Random website du jour:
If you're as fascinated by elections and democracy as I am, this is an awesome tool to play around with..(well if you're British or reasonably well-informed too..)

Music choice du jour:
Kaala Chashma (Did you even read the rest of the post?)


  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger Bhumi said…

    aapnei bulaya aur hum chalei aaye.. haha!
    Ok.. now I luv those Uk punjabi dudes! Man! they can rock!
    Now, first of I thought u were punjabi -- my mom's maiden name is joshi and she is...anyways, I suggest u watch Bhangra Workout, if u wanna get jiggy with it.
    Hey I m half punjabi so I can jiggy.. haha jealous..

    OOoo Baallay!!
    Mar gaye tera roop dekhdei ni aasi...

    Btw, u heard Bulla Ki Jana?
    listen to it.. its good!
    Take care,

    Bhumi (i think u might know only one bhumi)


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