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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just what is a pub anyway?

I've been having this argument on Orkut..read all about it here.

The basics (if you couldn't manage to read the thread) were that Bombay had no pub that played heavy metal..while my argument on a technicality was that Bombay had *no* pubs, only clubs.

Basing my entire thesis on the definition of "pub" (public house) I got on Wikipedia and my experiences in various genuine pubs in Boston and Chicago, I seem to have hit a nerve with the vast majority of young 'uns who don't like having their beliefs challenged.

A pub has live music (sorta like what we saw in the video for Ode to my Family by the Cranberries..one of my favourite songs..but I digress) not the kind of loud, dance music blaring in Bombay's "pubs". For Dylan, who said Toto's in Bandra qualifies as a pub, NO! It doesn't. It's a bar, plain and simple. A dive bar if you want to get more to the point. A place that's kitschy enough that Bostonians would travel an hour to get to it.

A pub has good hearty food (bangers and mash anyone?) and perhaps even rooms above that the publican rents out. Where in Bombay do we find this?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Bombay has clubs and Boston has pubs (and clubs). I prefer Boston pubs and Bombay clubs...maybe when the good folks on Orkut make the effort to travel, they'll get what I meant.

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